This range is aimed at the busy executive and those seeking a lifestyle that includes sleek, sophisticated and stylish products.

The mood these products bring to the home and work place is like walking into an oasis…a refuge from the busy world outside. Those venturing out will also benefit from the range of hygienic, robust and effective Fly Zappers with the unique sticky tray. The sticky tray enables any insects that have been zapped to fall on the tray and stay there instead of being blown out and onto food or the environment.

Elegant executive lamps and cool student lamps also enhance lifestyles and are easy on the eyes…and for students the range of vibrant colours helps to create a special mood for study.

The entire range of Lifestyle fans (eight in total) feature unique removable aromatherapy cartridges that can be attached to both the Executive and the Student products. This brings the power of nature into offices and the home environment….and puts into the hands of the end user the power to alter moods at any time.

NOTE: Aromatic scents floating through the air can assist in uplifting spirits and boost mental powers. They also can be calming and act as medical with scents such as eucalytus. Aromatherapy fragrances have a language of their own. They promote balance and harmony of subtle energies of the mind and body. Aromatherapy can also 'kick start' the bodies natural healing ability. These wonderful fragrances generate a natural feeling of well-being and influence the range of emotional and physical conditions that touch as us we go about our daily lives.

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