Panache is an International company producing and distributing innovative, world-class safe and easy to use products to homes and commercial organisations right around the globe! Panache began manufacturing and supplying a range of Personal Care appliance products to the Hospitality and Leisure Industries worldwide, 26 years ago. From this early stage Panache became known and respected as leaders in this field, setting new standards in safety, versatility and durability.

Subsequently Panache Products were successfully introduced into further areas of the Hospitality and Leisure Industry, and by demand expanded into Retail Markets, Mail Order Business, D.I.Y and the general domestic homes, worldwide. Panache Products are chosen by technical departments with confidence as every appliance incorporates the most advanced Safety Technology recognised and approved by World Safety Authorities. In 26 years the Panache safety record remains unblemished!

All Panache Products are backed by a Five Year Warranty and supported by the Comprehensive and integrated Worldwide Distribution and Agency network. With its principal office in Melbourne, along with factories in Malaysia, Taiwan, Hongkong & China, Panache continues to 'set the standard' for versatile, safe and hygienic appliances.

Wherever you travel, you'll find Panache products; in hotels, shopping centres, restaurants, offices, schools, hospitals, sports & leisure centres and homes. In fact, wherever there is a need for high quality appliances, which are convenient, durable and safe…there you'll find Panache products.

Renowned as a market leader, Panache has for the past 30 years consistently pursued excellence in design and manufacturing, with a wide range of unique, patented products covering five key Industry groups: Hospitality, Hygiene, Industrial, Lifestyle, and Just Teens.